Maintains skin hydration and has regenerating properties. Depilonine Cream is ideal for protecting the skin from irritations which often occur after depilation and sunbathing.

With Vitamins A, E and Panthenol.

USE: After the removal of increased hair growth by depilation, after sunbathing or after any irritation, apply Depilonine Cream up to 3 times per day.

A few words about the active ingredients in our cream:

  • Vitamin A: a valuable ingredient for skin regeneration with amazing anti-ageing action.
  • Vitamin E: significantly improves skin elasticity and contributes to combatting premature ageing.
  • Panthenol: is the best known, the most beneficial and the most widespread vitamin in cosmetics. It is a special natural ingredient which is directly related to the water-soluble vitamin of the B complex also known as vitamin B5. Thanks to its high penetration, Panthenol succeeds in soothing small skin irritations to give immediate relief to intense itching, dryness and sunburn.


  • Calms the skin after hair removal.
  • Protects against the formation of free radicals.
  • Has regenerating properties.