Unique Combination

Each Depilonine Advanced Set consists of

  • 1 vial Depilonine Advanced A (1x170mg) with the main active enzyme Chymothrypsin in high concentration.
  • 1 vial Depilonine Advanced B (1x180mg) with the main active enzyme Papain in high concentration.
  • 2 vials with droppers (5ml/each) which contain the Buffer.

Mode of Application

Place the content of vial 2 into the vial 1 and mix well. When the final product is ready to use, place the dropper in the vial 1.


After dissolving the enzymes, the product is stored in the freezer for up to 3 months to maintain the activity of the enzymes and to obtain the desired result.

A few words about proteolytic enzymes

  • Chymotrypsin is a proteolytic enzyme which is produced in the digestive system and is suitable for the treatment of increased hair growth
  • Papain is produced from the juice of the papaya fruit. In Cosmetology it is a particularly active ingredient thanks to its many uses. In Depilonine products it targets hair regenerative cells and inactivates them.

The combination of Chymotrypsin and Papain is unique in that it inactivates hair regenerative cells and directly helps in the permanent removal of hair growth.