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The company Inbiodep

continuing the scientific work and the research of remarkable Scientists that had been carried out in Universities and at the National Institute of Research, takes its first steps in the field of Beauty, having as its main activity the solution to hair growth.

The Depilonine series is based on enzymatic biotechnological hair removal and on the selective action of proteolytic enzymes that target hair regenerative cells and cause their gradual inactivation. Our enzymes are supplied by a globally recognised company and they are guaranteed for their efficiency, activity and purity.

Based on timeless values and on many years of Research and focusing on human needs, Inbiodep presents the improved formulas of Depilonine depilatory products which constitute the development of a global patent. Each Depilonine is the absolute must-have product and is a real revelation thanks to its innovative composition and its immediate and visible results against hair growth.

Depilonine Advanced

Depilonine Cream 200ml


Depilonine Cream 50ml


  • Depilonine products are microbiologically and dermatologically tested.
  • All products are developed, produced and packaged after they have been subjected to strict dermatological assessments in accordance with European Legislation, with high safety standards.
  • Maintain the hydration of the skin.
  • Restore lost elasticity.
  • They have antioxidant action.
  • Improve the appearance of the skin.
  • Do not contain parabens.
  • Do not contain allergenic agents found in fragrances.
  • Due to proper packaging, the ingredients of our products are protected and remain active.
  • Protect against free radicals.
The action of enzymes and the effectiveness of the preparation is the result of many years of research by Universities and by Research Institutions and is a development of a global patent.
Depilonine Advanced
Depilonine Cream 50ml
Depilonine Cream 200ml
Depilonine Pro

Feeling of softness and
non-allergenic aroma

The combination of the active ingredients with the feeling of softness and non-allergenic aroma gives a unique quality to our products which are distinguished by their effectiveness.

The design and colors of our products are inspired by the beauty of Greek nature and the timelessness of Greek civilization

Depilonine Advanced Set, thanks to its burgundy color, reflects the dynamism of the color purple that is rich in the frescoes and the vases of Greek culture, giving us the feeling of dynamism with the painless and radical result of removing hair growth.

Our cream, Depilonine Cream, stands out for its light blue-green color which reflects the beauty of the Greek landscape, the sea and nature to connect us with health, healing, calm and the softness of our skin.

Depilonine Pro set, with its shades of blue transports us to the endless blue of the Greek sea. It acts synergically to combat hair growth from the root and can be used after any method of hair removal.


The research of the past delivers the scepters to the present for envisioning a future based on the know-how and the innovation in all our steps.

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