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Welcome to the magic world of Wellness, Health and Beauty

The company Inbiodep

The company Inbiodep is a Greek company taking its first steps in the field of Health and Beauty. Its main activity is the creation, production and sale of innovative Greek cosmetic products. Our main concern is natural skin care as well as mental and physical well-being.


To continue the scientific work and research of remarkable scientists that has been carried out in universities and the National Institute of Research, the company Inbiodep was founded in 2020 to present the improved formulas of Depilonine depilatory products which are a development of a global patent and which have being in the Greek market since 1994.

The Depilonine series is well known in the Greek market, especially in the professional sector, as Depilonine are the only branded Greek products specialized in combatting persistent hair growth.

The Depilonine series is a complete series of enzymatic depilation products which act and fight against hair growth in a natural way and can be combined with all active methods of depilation (cold and warm wax, laser, alexandrite, shaving etc).

Depilonine products are based on enzymatic biotechnological hair removal and on the selective action of proteolytic enzymes that target hair regenerative cells and cause their gradual inactivation. Our enzymes are supplied by a globally recognised company and they are guaranteed for their efficiency, activity and purity.

Each Depilonine product is an absolute must-have and is a real revelation thanks to its innovative composition and its immediate and visible results against hair growth.


Βased on the timeless value of biotechnology and inspired by the power of nature, in 2021 the Company Inbiodep proceeded with the creation and production of a new innovative cosmetic series designed for a natural treatment of skin, the Myikigai series.

The Myikigai series has black truffle, which is often called “black diamond”, as its main active ingredient. The series stands out for its effectiveness thanks to its combination of particularly beneficial ingredients. Apart from Black Truffle, Myikigai series contains special extracts which replace the lack of serotonin and help us to obtain a better mood. Myikigai is enriched with many other beneficial natural ingredients, such as vitamins A, E and F, hyaluronic acid, atelocollagen, coenzyme Q10, aloe, tea wax, oils moisturising and anti-aging factors, provitamin B5, Lupine protein, rice peptides and enzymes.

Myikigai cosmetics are natural and specialized for each of us, according to our needs. They are specially designed to combat skin ageing giving immediate and visible results.


The inspiration for the name of our company came from the miraculous results of “white” biotechnology, of which the main objective is the design of products and services for cosmetics, foods etc. Our name is derived from the phrase Innovative Biotechnological Depilation.

The logo is based on the structure and shape of enzymes as our cosmetics are biotechnological. The name Inbiodep drew its inspiration from our first cosmetic series, the Depilonine series, where the innovative biotechnological formulas of Depilonine contain two enzymes: Papain and Chymotrypsin

The brand name of our Depilonine products comes from the word “Depilation”. The circle around the brand name symbolizes the timelessness of these products as they are distributed to greek market since 1994 and they are the only branded Greek products suitable for combatting persistent hair growth with enzymes.

The brand name of the Myikigai series was inspired by the Japanese philosophy “ikigai” where “iki” means “life” and “gai” means “worth”, thus meaning the worth of life, the purpose of our existence, the joy of life. According to this philosophy, each of us must discover our own ‘ikigai’, that is, find a motive, a purpose which gives us strength and energy, find a passion which gives meaning to our existence. In this way our lives will have a purpose through which we will be genuinely happy while at the same time reducing our everyday stress giving us the means and energy to enable us to achieve our goals. With our own ikigai each of us can live a long and happy life. The circle symbolizes infinity and the stroke of pink the color in our lives.

Design and Color of our products

Color can act as a means of treatment and healing. Color therapy teaches us that each color has its own vibrance and it has the ability to affect our mood as well as to conjure up particular images. That is why we chose special colors inspired by Greek beauty and nature.

The design and colors of Depilonine products were inspired by the beauty of Greek nature and the timelessness of Greek Civilization. The light blue-green color reflects the beauty of the Greek landscape, the sea and nature to connect us with health, healing, calmness and the softness of our skin. The color purple is rich in the frescoes and vases of Greek culture, giving us a feeling of dynamism which comes with the painless and radical result of removing unwanted hair growth. The shades of blue transport us to the endless blue of the Greek sea.

Myikigai Cosmetics were inspired by the eternal symbol of cherry blossom. The word “cherry” comes from the ancient Greek word “cherry”, which was borrowed into Latin as “cerasum” and passed into many European Languages. In Japan, the famous cherry trees are a symbol of life and rebirth, giving a romantic note where blue symbolizes good luck and pink innocence.